Frequently asked questions

How do I become a member of the Vanson Bourne Community?

Please go to the registration form here. You will then be asked to complete some questions. As our research is business focused, we will ask you questions about your job role and the organisation you work for. All of this information is kept confidential within our systems and at no point will we contact you at your place of work, unless you have given us explicit permission to do so.

Once you have completed the questions, a member of our team will review your answers and verify your information. You will then receive an email within four working days to let you know the outcome of your application.

How do I get rewarded for my time?

Within each invitation we send you we will state the length of the survey, whether there is an incentive for completion or whether it is a prize draw competition. It is entirely your choice whether you wish to participate.

For the prize draw competition surveys, we will state what the prizes are and when the winners will be announced. The general prize draw terms and conditions are here, but each survey will have its own specific prize draw terms and conditions which will be within the survey.

For the research which has an incentive for completion, the email will state the number of points, along with its value in pounds within each invitation you receive.

You will be able to exchange your points for rewards. These are currently Gift Certificates and donations to charities, but more options will be available later this year.

What type of research would I be contributing to?

We conduct market research for technology companies who commission market research projects through Vanson Bourne, as well as our own marketing and thought leadership too. Our research covers a range of topics across the technology, IT and business world. You can read about some of our projects here.

Are my survey responses confidential?

Yes, they are. Your privacy is paramount, and all our surveys are run in accordance with the principles of the Market Research Society. If you’d like to find out more, please look at our privacy policy.

How would I be invited to take part in research?

All invitations for research will be sent by the email address you gave us when you registered. If we are inviting you to take part in a survey, there will be a link within the email.

If I complete a survey, do you check the answers that I've given?

Yes, we do. We want to ensure that the information we provide our clients is accurate and of the highest quality, so automatic and manual checks are carried out once you have entered your answers. These include the length of time you take to complete the survey, any contradictions in your answers and what answers you give. If your answers are repeatedly flagged for one or more of the above, we reserve the right to terminate your membership. If you would like any further information on this, please contact us.

I applied to be on the Vanson Bourne Community, but have been told I'm not suitable at this time?

We do a number of checks on the information you provide us, including online verification of your employment. If you receive a message to say you have been unsuccessful, we are happy to give you further details. Please contact us here.

What should I do if I haven't received any survey invitations for a while?

Please contact us. One of the team can then investigate it for you and let you know the reason why.

How do I unsubscribe from the Vanson Bourne Community?

You can unsubscribe anytime you wish. There will be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every survey invitation we send out and you’ll also be able to unsubscribe within your account. If you unsubscribe without redeeming your points, these will be unavailable to redeem at a later date.

Which text to speech narrators can I use on this site?

Our website and surveys are compatible with the following popular readers: JAWS, NCDA and Windows narrator.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Community team.

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