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How do I post on the discussion board?

While the current questions on the discussion boards are open to everyone to view, only Vanson Bourne Community members can post a response to a question. If you would like to join the Community, please go to the Register page.

Current members will need to be logged into their Vanson Bourne Community account before they can post a reply.


Why do you only allow Vanson Bourne Community members to take part?

The topics we ask on the discussion boards, as well as the content of all our research studies have a strong IT and business focus. Therefore, we want to ensure that we’re asking people to participate who are familiar with the topic areas.


I am a member of the Vanson Bourne Community, but I don’t wish to take part in the discussion board. Is that a problem?

That’s absolutely fine – all our research studies are completely optional for you to take part in. 


Can I add a question for others to answer?

At this current time only Vanson Bourne moderators can add a question.


Is my name or email address going to be visible to others on the discussion board?

No, they won’t be. Once you log in and click on the discussion board section, the system will automatically assign you a display name. You will be assigned one of three words ‘share’, ‘influence’ or ‘discover’ with some numbers afterwards. Every reply that you post will be under that display name. Please do not share your name, organisation you work for or any information that is confidential to your organisation.


How do I see a summary of previous discussion topics?

This will be available within the ‘Discover’ section of your Vanson Bourne Community account. You’ll be able to search for topics of interest in time. Please allow a month from the time the discussion board has finished before checking for a report.


I need to change my personal details; how do I do this?

You can change the majority of your details through your Vanson Bourne Community account in the ‘Edit details’ section. If you would like to change your name or email address, please contact us.


How do I report a post?

Please click the exclamation mark within a triangle symbol to the right of the post, just underneath the date. This will send a message to the Vanson Bourne Community moderators.

Can I message other members privately?

No, you can’t do that. In order to maintain the anonymity of you and other people in the Community, this feature is not available.


How do I unsubscribe?

We are sorry that you wish to unsubscribe. Within the ‘Edit details’ section of your Vanson Bourne Community account, there is an option for you to unsubscribe.


Who are the moderators and what do they do?

The moderators are all employees of Vanson Bourne. Their job is to read the posts on a regular basis and check that the responses are relevant and appropriate. They may also ask further questions based on what has been posted.


If you have any other questions, please message the Community team on the Contact Us page.


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