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The discussion board feature on our website is your chance to get involved by answering questions on topics that our clients are interested in. We hope you find the topics and questions we ask about engaging and useful.

The discussion boards are an open form. We will aim to keep intervention to a minimum, allowing you to respond and interact with your peers on each thread.

We do, however, have a few guidelines for you to follow. We will use our judgement to delete posts and ban members in breach of these:

  • Personal attacks / trolling
  • Posts which break the law, incite violence or use discriminatory language (including content which is racist, ageist, disablist, homophobic or transphobic language)
  • Spamming

As you respond to various topics of discussion and interact with your peers, please don’t reveal any compromising or sensitive information. If you feel another member is contravening any of these guidelines, or is being abusive in any way, you can report this to us by using the ‘report’ feature. 

We may use any comments you make within the discussion boards for marketing and research purposes. Please note that we are bound by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, which means your data is protected and confidential. Any verbatim comments we use will never be associated with you personally, or your organisation. Your name, the name of your organisation, and any other information that could conceivably identify you will not be referenced in any materials published - we understand that you will have made all comments on the basis of you remaining anonymous.

By taking part in the discussion boards, you are agreeing to the above terms.


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